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Intended to revolutionize the fitness industry.
Peak Zone Fitness is the fitness industries first: One-on-one personal training program that's done in a group setting.

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Our Philosophy

Offering one of the most unique fitness franchise opportunities in the United States, your Peak Zone Fitness Franchise location will have very low start-up costs with a minimum under $130,000 and a fitness industry-low five percent royalty fee. New franchisees can be part of America’s first great fitness revolution that provides the most advanced step-by-step training platform on the market with Peak Zone Fitness founder Donny Day. When Peak Zone Fitness puts its name on something, that tells the customer and the employee that they are going to experience the very best the fitness industry has to offer, every time.

Our management, personal trainers, and sales personnel, trained in the most cutting-edge fitness philosophies and sales tactics on the market and courtesy and politeness, treat all customers as friends who are welcome to enjoy and feel comfortable in our surroundings at their leisure. The fitness business offers the public thousands of choices. Good service and sales are the most important part of a fitness center’s operation. Together, with fair pricing and a pleasant staff, it will bring customers back, time and time again, becoming the loyal customers that build great businesses.

What makes PZF so much better than the competition?

“Peak Zone Fitness is affordable and accessible to all fitness levels so this creates a prime opportunity for franchise success,”

“The way that clients start in our program with the testing and our level of accountability blending nutrition with fitness is also unique and lends to their overall success in the program. We have refined and tested our workouts time after time to ensure that clients are achieving the maximum benefit, which leads to customer loyalty and a great franchise opportunity.”

Furthermore, the fitness industry has seen consistent growth in the U.S. for the last several years. According to the latest IHRSA report, the fitness industry globally was estimated at $83.1 billion in 2016, up from $81 billion in 2015. It’s estimated to grow even more in 2018, reaching $87.5 billion. The U.S. fitness industry is outperforming global projections, having grown in some years as much as 7.2 percent.

In an industry exploding with growth, Peak Zone Fitness franchises stand out from the competition.

Unique to our fitness centers, we are also the only program in the country that determines their client’s optimum “Peak Zone.” This is done through free volume oxygen consumption (VO2) testing every two months. Heart rate is also tracked.

In addition, Peak Zone Fitness incorporates a one-on-one training system that’s done in a group setting. The program is made up of over 500 different exercises and 250 dynamic workouts. Members compete with their own stats to push themselves in a positive fitness environment.


Our very low cost Initial Franchise Fee $15,000 includes:

  • A comprehensive two week training program at our corporate headquarters
  • General Sales and Marketing training
  • Five days of assistance and guidance at your location for either pre-opening or grand opening assistance.
  • Providing ongoing assistance
  • Local affiliate website for your Franchise
  • Our proprietary educational platform
  • Our proprietary Operations Manual
  • Our proprietary Pre-Operations Manual
  • Our proprietary Peak Zone Fitness Certification Workshop Manual

Low Total Start Up Cost

Low End complete cost at $126,650 to a High End of $397,750.

Compare to Orange Theory’s low-end $400,000 and Planet Fitness’ low-end $1,200,000, for instance. See Cost Comparison Chart for more information here

Low Overhead

Fit the entire program into a 2,400-3,600 sq. ft. room

Founder Explains System

Program History

Donny Day
Owner, President, C.E.O. &
Creator of the Peak Zone Fitness Program

Donny Day has many certifications by National Academy of Sports Medicine, Cooper Institute, American Fitness Training of Athletics, American Council on Exercise, Pilates, Personal Training Fundamentals, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Walking & Running Certification, General Nutrition, Sports Specific Nutrition, and The Fundamentals of Fitness through Bally Total Fitness.

Within the almost 15 years of his experience, Donny has mentored over 100 Fitness Managers, 1000 Personal Trainers and over 40,000 Clients to success in the art of program design, nutrition, and more. He has worked for Bally Total Fitness, LA Fitness, and Just Fitness. With over 15 collective company awards to his name, and multiple large-scale program designs to his name, Donny has helped thousands of members reach their desired fitness level.

He has knowledge of big corporate gyms, 1-on-1 personal training, group classes, and every other system. With his vast experience, he created the Peak Zone Fitness program to fill what he saw as a gap in the industry: 1-on-1 personal training in a group setting that is truly individualized to specific client needs.

It’s a program in which clients are using science to eliminate guessing as well as giving every client a vast knowledge about fitness and nutrition. He created a program that not only gives clients the most knowledge possible but gives the trainers a greater collective wealth of knowledge than any single certification could. Peak Zone Fitness Trainers have to complete a 300-page book and 90-day training course before they begin running the program.

This is why Peak Zone Fitness has been featured in over 200 different media outlets including FOX, THE CW, The Advocate, and D-Magazine and why Peak Zone Fitness also has an unapparelled 600 PERFECT REVIEWS.

This program is unique because there’s never been anything like it and it is the result of the most comprehensive experience possible.

What territories are available for Peak Zone Fitness franchises?

At this time, territories are available in Texas and most other states. States that are not available for franchising at this time are California, Massachusetts, and New York.

Steps to Ownership

Let’s talk! We’ll get to know one another and discuss your goals and our requirements to find out if we may be a good fit for each other. We’ll answer any general questions you may have.

If we all decide to move forward, we will send you our confidential detailed information packet which gives great detail on the Peak Zone Fitness franchise opportunity.

Peak Zone Fitness is a Revolutionary Turnkey Fitness Model set to Open Multiple Franchise Opportunities in the US. Please thoroughly research the Fitness industry and the Peak Zone Fitness opportunity and submit your application.

Once your application is submitted, if approved, we’ll schedule a face to face with the creator himself! This will give you the opportunity to put your mind inside our revolutionary fitness concept, view our state of the art facilities, see our business model and our amazing franchise opportunity as well!

Once signed by all parties, and fees are paid, you will be an official Peak Zone Fitness franchisee! Welcome to the Peak Zone Fitness family! Time to start looking your gym location and schedule your training!

A big key to success is finding the right location at the right price. We will be there to help advise you. You’re never alone in this! Happy hunting!

It’s finally here! The day you open and see members having the best workout time they’ve ever had! We will be there with you at either pre-sales, or grand opening to help you get a great start!

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